Namaste! Hello!

I am Bishal Rai from Kathmandu, Nepal, a country rich in natural resources. I have started this blog for just one reason and that is to document and share my experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s just been a year since I started with SEO and the learning has never stopped.

Mr.bishal rai

How did it all start?

I met someone who mentored me and guided me with SEO. He is an Internet Marketer by profession and he explained me about all the fun stuff with Internet Marketing and SEO. That’s how my interest in SEO started.

A hundred thanks to him for introducing me to this world of SEO. I now work as a full-time SEO consultant with him and we have worked together on many different projects already.

Quick Brief Background:

Well, I haven’t completed my higher education because of my laziness and lack of focus on studies. It’s quite a shame. I was killing my time mostly in football.

That time I used to play futsal every day and trust me I am crazy and a huge fan of football. Ronaldinho is my idol player. Instead of my studies, I used to see skills of Ronaldinho, afterward, I used to practice those skills until I  master it. I often used such skills against my opponent during the game.

But as the years past, I realized that this isn’t the way of living a life.

Hence, I have decided to learn some skills from which I can earn some money in the future.

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing!

It is really a great feeling when you can earn while you learn. I don’t make much but I am very happy. I look forward to being one of the greatest SEO expert in Nepal someday.

The journey is going to be long and tough but I know, I will make it one day!

– Bishal