How To Improve Your Search Results With Guest Posting

Many SEO specialists once used guest blogging as a traditional method to improve their appearance on the Internet. Guest blogging invites important influencers to your website to blog. Essentially, their audience can become yours with increased visibility. What does host blogging do for your website? Host blogging increases your thought leadership, adds audience share, and drives traffic to your blog site.

Over time, people began to believe that guest blogging was ineffective. Unfortunately, believing they would be penalized for guest blogging. When in fact, that was partly true but not entirely factual. Google did take a stand on host blogging for SEO purposes, but that doesn’t mean guest blogging couldn’t be used for SEO purposes if it was used the right way. The popular Google search engine is based on credibility for their users and used the sanction to take action against irrelevant websites receiving spun content, unscrupulous techniques, and spamming guest posts. Guest posts still remain a very popular technique.

“Before entering the topic I would like to write short description about, ‘What is Guest Posting ‘.”

‘Guest posting is the process of publishing high quality articles on other webmasters website or blogs for getting high quality backlinks and also for getting traffic’.

(Description is for the beginners who doesn’t know about Guest posting.)

Choose Websites With High Quality Content  

Don’t ever downplay a smaller websites because they may have a dedicated audience. Bloggers with less site credibility than yours can damage your website. Consider their content quality over quantity with their website and the type of engagement their site has with other users.

How To Test Website Credibility  

– Ask yourself questions (i.e. are they relevant?)

– Read their post

– Frequency of posts

– Follow their social media accounts

A credible website that posts guests blogs on your website should be posting often on their own site, have responsive sites owners, and have people sharing and commenting to their content. They should have to earn their spot as a guest blogger on your website.

Unfortunately, at some point, any topic and any type of blog posts were being stuffed with keywords to drive traffic to a website. Google had to step in to stop articles that were barely readable by using an algorithm that penalized websites for this kind of content.

Blogging was left in the same dilemma and Google quickly took a stand against this type of behavior. Open guests posts are prohibited on your personal website if you have not established the proper editorial standards. If you decide to post your content on a website, make sure they adhere to the same standards mentioned above. Remember, if you can get away with posting low quality content on their website, what are their standards for others that post on their website?

Back linking is tempting, but use relevant links. Use fact based content with no more than one or two back links to your website. Data heavy material associated with irrelevant content should be prohibited. Always back your data up with relevant content, statistics, examples, relevant links, and case studies to increase your credit worthiness in the blog industry. If you’re interested in branching out, consider an international audience. However, they should be able to sufficiently translate your posts. Don’t trust the task of translation to just anyone.

Always focus on high quality content that goes above and beyond other website platforms. If someone allows you to post your guest blog, they’re trusting you with their audience. You may not get a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t lose your credibility with other websites as a guest blogger.

How To Make Your Website Content Stand Out  

– Focus on trending topics

– Content should have the potential to go viral

– Use high quality visuals

– Produce mobile-friendly content

– Go beyond a single post

– Use evergreen content

– Include an author bio

Spend quality time reading your posts. Their content should be engaging an entice other

guests to be interested in your website content. Before you know it, you will have other guest bloggers and commentary that will pass Google’s criteria.

Keep tabs of your content after you make a blog post. Check to see if people are commenting or engaging with your content. Show your insight and boosts the clients that comment on your website by promoting their commentary as well.

Guest posting can lead to better search results, drive your visibility up, increase your social engagement and improve your backlinks, but be sure to follow the rules to stay worthy with other websites and specifically Google.

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