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List Of Web 2.0 Sites For Backlinking

Web 2.0 sites are normally used to create backlinks, which help to improve your SEO strategy. Web 2.0 sites are the most significant websites, where you can get backlinks and more traffic to your website or blog. Making Backlinks from web 2.0 destinations is another type of Search Engine Optimization. High PR Dofollow web 2.0 sites are the best ways to build your online presence and can increase page rank using the minimum amount of time.

Each SEO expert knows the importance of High PR Dofollow Web 2.0 sites. But most of the newbies don’t know.

So friends, today I am going to share a list of web 2.0 sites for backlinking from which your websites could benefit from for increased traffic and redistribution of your original content.

But before entering the topic, I want to say few words about web 2.0 and its benefits.

What is Web 2.0 site?

what is web 2.0

Web 2.0s are distributer compose locales that enable its clients to make their pages with a remarkable URL. These locales incorporate Social Bookmarking destinations, Social Media Platforms, and Video Sharing. Web 2.0 gives page proprietors sharing, gathering,systems administration offices. In the past, making a site required a huge measure of HTML mastery and costly outline programming.   A huge measure of times and exertion were applied. Today, web 2.0 has made it a ton less demanding for individuals to make website pages. In the business world the web 2.0 platform has created a stir of innovative activity. Many companies are scrambling to create an online experience for their customers and clients and figuring out how to hamness new technologies to expand their brands products and influence.

Benefits of Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 sites list helps for site ranking
  • Getting more traffic to high PR site
  • Increasing backlink
  • Recruitment
  • Web 2.0 sites list reduced cost.
  • Free blogging with batter traffic ranking
1 https://wordpress.com/
2 https://www.weebly.com/
3 https://www.blogger.com/
4 https://www.tumblr.com/
5 https://www.typepad.com/
6 https://www.tripod.lycos.com/
7 https://posterous.com/
8 https://www.jimdo.com/index.php
9 https://www.yola.com/
10 https://www.squidoo.com/
11 https://multiply.com/
12 https://www.angelfire.lycos.com/
13 https://www.microsoft.com/
14 https://www.rediff.com/
15 https://www.wikidot.com/
16 https://www.webs.com/
17 https://www.webnode.com/
18 https://www.salon.com/
19 https://edublogs.org/
20 https://www.webspawner.com/
21 https://www.soup.io/
22 https://www.ucoz.com/
23 https://www.travelblog.org/
24 https://www.gather.com/
25 https://springnote.com/
26 https://www.webstarts.com/
27 https://www.moonfruit.com/
28 https://journalspace.com/
29 https://www.blog.de/
30 https://www.onsugar.com/
31 https://quizilla.teennick.com/
32 https://areavoices.com/
33 https://www.freeblog.hu/
34 https://blog.com/
35 https://blogdrive.com/
36 https://freeflux.net/
37 https://www.freehostia.com/index2.html
38 https://zoomshare.com/
39 https://www.flixya.com/
40 https://www.webgarden.com/
41 https://snappages.com/
42 https://www.sosblogs.com/
43 https://visualsociety.com/
44 https://www.insanejournal.com/
45 https://www.alivenotdead.com/
46 https://www.hazblog.com/
47 https://www.hpage.com/
48 https://www.onsugar.com
49 https://www.webspawner.com
50 https://www.blinkweb.com

So, keep visiting my website and do check the list, you will always find the new addition of web 2.0 site. This is definitely going to help you in your link building. We have also listed out and explained some of the best link building strategies which will help you in optimizing your website. Also, check our most popular post on blogger SEO tips and tricks which have tips and tricks to optimize your website in an easy way.You will find so many web 2.0 sites list on the Internet; most of them are randomly added to the list (which is not working all time). Here, the list of free web 2.0 sites given above is handpicked list, which is tested by me. The given all web 2.0 sites are working. I always check and update the list on regular time periods.

Whenever I find new web 2.0 site, I do add here. And the one which is no more in work, I do exclude it from the list. So here you always find the fresh web 2.0 sites list.

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